More Cryptocurrency Domains for Sale

More Cryptocurrency Domain Names for Sale.

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Here are the top cryptocurrencies in the world, order based on market cap. For all cryptocurrency up to date prices visit

Latest ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs for short are taking the world of cryptocurrency by storm as investors line up to become a part of fresh new blockchain cryptocurrencies. Detailed below are some of the newest and most promising ICOs.

  • 25 July
  • 2017

GeoFounders (GUNS)

GeoFounders is a software collective focused on building blockchain-related applications and services. Using tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), revenue collected by the GeoFounders software catalogue is automatically divvied up for token holders via smart contracts and trusted oracles.

  • 31 July
  • 2017


NEVERDIE coins & Teleport Tokens will provide a complete Ethereum blockchain governance platform that empowers players to shape the future of their worlds with a decentralized transparent democracy allowing for a symbiotic relationship between players and developers.

  • 1 August
  • 2017

BattleDrome (FAME)

BattleDrome is a platform/ecosystem for gaming which is built on top of a decentralized Battle Arena, allowing anyone to create a Warrior: an entity which exists on the Ethereum Network, which can be traded, trained, equipped, and entered into events to do battle with other Warriors for fun and profit!


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